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An Occitan city with a strong identity, Lunel has a beautiful built heritage that it inherits from its past as a strategic crossroads for regional trade in the 18th and 19th centuries. A rich program of discoveries awaits lovers of cultural visits! A city of traditions, Lunel is home to many folklore events, typical Camargue festivals and famous markets. Its arenas are considered as one of the three temples of the Camargue race. From the banks of the canal to the Petits Pins health trail via the Jean Hugo municipal park, Lunel also offers pleasant and refreshing places to walk.

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To see in Lunel

A visit to the historic heart of Lunel will lead you to discover its rich architectural heritage: from the Porte Notre-Dame and its Prison Tower to the Fish Market, including the Gothic House, the covered halls, the Notre-Dame-du-Lac church, the Caladons arcades, the former Penitents’ convent and the Bernis hotel. In front of the church, the Médard Museum is dedicated to ancient books and book trades. The Prison Tower Museum exhibits objects that bear witness to the daily lives of prisoners in the dungeons of the tower until the beginning of the 20th century. Through a relaxing and exciting walk, the Arboretum of Lunel invites you to discover the evolution of the region’s landscapes and culinary habits since prehistoric times.

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Lunel City of the South

A typical Mediterranean city, Lunel preserves and cultivates Camargue traditions. Through its craftsmen, restaurateurs, markets and festivities, it keeps local know-how such as the Mediterranean cultural and gastronomic heritage alive and well. The arenas are the beating heart of the city: they receive important trophies in the bullfighting world and allow the holding of traditional Camargue festivals such as la Pescalune and la Temporada. Between vineyards, garrigue and Petite Camargue, Lunel nests in the heart of typical landscapes of the Mediterranean hinterland. The Arboretum, botanical garden of the city of Lunel, is entirely dedicated to their history.

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